Using Particle Cloud in production enviroment in europe (especially germany)

Hi guys,

you did an amazing Job with the Photon.
We are currently finalizing our first particle based product here in Germany. Right now (based on the German Privacy Act) usage of your (Amazon America) Cloud is not allowed for end consumers, especially if you deal with privacy relevant user data.

Is there any solution available /planned to support solutions in germany , or to provide a germany based cloud?

Thanx for your support and your great work


Hi softmeter,
do you intend to
a) send Photon data to a private server, or are your interests in
b) a complete detachment from US (like: Particle.publish should go to a German cloud server rather to Amazon)?
I am somewhat in the same boat, thinking a) should suffice, but i’d enjoy an exchange on this topic with you.


The problem is primary based on german law. Right now processing of (specific) data (personall) is only allowed by a installation based in (germany/europe). Amazon Europe is (still) a problem, cause amazon europe is still an USA Company (including NSL etc.).
But keep in mind, we are only talkting about personal informations (like Social Security Numbers, Medical Records, Behaviour analyses / Smart Metering etc.).
If you (as a german company) processes data in USA you have the inform your customers about this / for some data it is not allowed at all.
Microsoft is currently launching a solution for this problem. Deutsche Telekom runs the AZURE Cloud Germany and uses MS Azure Cloud Software (

I think, option A (a private Server in US) is not feasible. A Private Server in Amazon Europe (Irland?) is an option (we are currently discussing this version). Option C would be hosting an own Server (based on the OpenSource Version) at a Server in Germany (possible, but not really cost effective).
For our own system we need to be flexible (10 … 100,000 Devices) so option B (Amazon Europe) or C (Own Server) are the only options.
I Dont known if particle is able to provide a “European”(Amazon) Installation .