Using Photon for commercial product, How about long-term support, quality, etc


I working on retrofitting an existing consumer product and have been working with different concepts. One of those is using a Photon and the existing cloud ecosystem.

This is by far the most elegant concept since there already is a ecosystem and the work needed for all the other concepts is a lot more compared to the photon-based solution.

There are however some concerns I have when using Photon or

What about security? Is the cloud secure? What kind of security features is using?
Is long-term availability of the cloud guaranteed? What will happen if will be shut down (I don’t hope that this will happen - not at all)
Are Photon Modules reliable in a consumer product? Does anyone have some feedback on long-term usage in consumer product?
Does anyone have experience on long-term commercial projects or has developed such a product?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Simon,

I can’t answer all of your questions but what I can tell you is, the whole platform is open source! So effectively you can build your own ‘Private’ cloud hosted in your own data centre on your own servers etc

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Ok. So this means that I am safe if someone decides to shut down - Good news!

Some things to consider/read:

And there's the open source version of the cloud. It's more limited in features, but will allow basic operation to continue. You can then expand on that as you see fit.

I've been using a Core ever since they came out 24/7, running my LED lighting, and they're still running fine. That's about ~3 years now?

There's Nomiku, Cleverpet, Keurig, just to name a few who are using Particle Products. There are some others listed on the homepage as well.


Thank you @Moors7 for those detailed informations! I will read through them by the end of the day! All in all my experience so far is that Photon is really reliable - Even the GSM-Connectivity on the Electron is very good. Over here we have some areas which aren’t covered with GSM network and I drove through them, having an Electron with external antenna on a seat - And the connection hasn’t dropped at all! Very very promising!