UK or Europe data centre's


I presume all Electron messages via the Particle cloud end up on a US based server?
Are there any plans to implement a data centre in the UK or Europe so that data stays within the region (for data audit purposes).


Let me ping someone that might be able to help, @rickkas7 or @ParticleD are you able to assist?

Yes, all of the stored data resides in servers in the United States.

EU-based data storage not currently available, however it is something we’re considering for the future.

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Good to know that at least it’s being considered. Probably not an easy thing to split up.

In terms of the US hosted data, can you point me to your policy about data security and in particular how long data is retained on these servers.

I’m think that if data has to pass through your US servers (through the Particle API) but is then send back to Europe (via webhooks or similar), I’d be interested to know how long you hang on to the data.

Many thanks

I don’t have an official document, however very little data is actually saved.

For function and variable calls, the request is logged, but the data payload is not logged or stored.

For subscribe, no data is logged or stored.

For publish, no data is logged or stored. Once it passes through to the destination (subscribe, webhook or SSE), there’s currently no record of it, except:

For webhooks, the last 10 webhook requests and responses for each webhook, including the event data payload are saved, and after that discarded.


And if you use two-legged shadow customers, you can keep all of the personally identifiable information on your servers. Particle would only have an opaque identifier that you designate and would have no record of which customer is which.


Thanks - sounds encouraging and sensible. We can probably work with that in most cases although a formal ‘policy’ might be something to add to your todo list.

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