Using old particle kits with new modules argon, boron and xenon

hi, new mesh iot modules looks great. i have some old particle kits. whats the best way to make these work with new particle module.

In what way?
Device interactions should just the same. Publish/subscribe should work as it always has, regardless of the generation.

the main difference between new and old modules is the form factor and the pin outs.
If you want to use your old electrons kits with new module you can use this adapter.

the software side should be same.

I think this might also work:

Is this a plug and play device or we have to code first to get connected with old particle kits ??

It is “plug and play” as far the new device supports the feature.
e.g. there is no on-board DAC on the mesh products.
The same goes for the secondary SPI which exists on Photon and Electron but not on the mesh products.
So in general yes, but you need to check for specific use-cases.