Using Digital Output to control 12V1A devices

I am looking to use one of my Argons (and a Xenon or 2 as well) to control a series of 12V loads. I’ve done this in the past using Relays but these are definitely overkill for such a small load, and I need to control a large number for this project. So… I was just wondering what others have used to switch DC loads greater than the 3.3v output.

MOSFETs or BJTs should be fine.

I have used relays or these on some projects.

Figured I use N-MOSFETs but was hoping that there is, and someone would recommend, an integrated device containing MOSFET, resistor(s) and diode(s)
Thanks for your response!

Not the current you want, only 300ma, but we use these for driving most things. Has all the internal parts you wanted. Thought I would share it anyway so you can refine your search in its category.
Digi-Key Link