Logic level mosfet help

Hey everyone. So my spark just arrived! Took 4 days from china to the uk!

So now im trying to get my light controller working with it. Now my old one had a mosfet controlled by pwm to control my led light strip so it can be dimmed.

As the core is only 3.3v its not enough to activate it at all. So I now need a new logic level mosfet. Capable of doing pwn control of a 12v 2a led strip. I found a few that came up on sparkfun and adafruit but their both from america and I can not get them in the UK

Is anyone able to help me with this?

I’ve used NXP’s PSMN0R9-25YLC in a motor control project, that series is fully open at 2 volts.
Although the specs state 100 Amp at 25 Vmax, they are not designed to be opened half, it’s on or off.
That family also has cheaper models, and you might be able to get those from Farnell/RS Components or an UK eBay seller.

But the switching fet PMV45EN might do your work, but I’m don’t feel comfortable by putting 2 A through a Sot23

Right now im going to have an opto isolator put on to control it till I sort something. It needs voltage control so on, off wont really do sadly.

Ooo and if anyone want to know, those pir motion sensors that wont work on anything less then 5v, DO work off of the 3.3v on the spark core. Those datasheets were well tested :wink:

Hello! I had the same problem a few weeks ago and successfully finished the project with the help of some guys here. Here’s the thread:

Thanks :slight_smile:

I take back what I said about the motion sensor. At 3.3v it sets itself off for no reason