How can I apply 12V output to solenoid valve?

Hello everyone.

I want to use this water solenoid valve on my project.

It’s working voltage is 12V (minimum 6V). I’m really new to hardware and I don’t know how to apply such voltage while Spark Core can only apply 3.3V. :frowning:

Is there any shield or anything that can make it works?

Thank you very much for your kind attention and your help,

ULN2803A or 2003 darlington array or a NPN transistor or a logic level N-channel MOSFET…

in fact a bit of googling answers this exact question it seems:

@sej7278 Thank you very much for your answer. :smile:

I have tried using transistor before I created the topic but it doesn’t work. (and my Spark crashed lol) Maybe I did somthing wrong. I will try again. :smiley:


Here an example with a relay to cover the 12v circuit: