Using Brass Liquid Solenoid Valve from a Photon


I have the below item and would like to hook it up to my Particle board and a PIR sensor. I have a Fox problem and would like to turn a sprinkler on to scare them away .

However, I am new to hardware and trying to find a nice example of it’s use I know I need to convert voltage and will need a relay. Any help would be much appreciated

With current that low, you could get away with transistor switching using a MOSFET.

you could then also get a voltage regulator to bring your 12V power source down run the photon and motion sensors…



I have purchased a full relay. as it was not that much more expensive. Now for my next “School Boy” question. to power the Solenoid Value i need to use 12v. I am thinking of buying this A23 battery and holder like below?

Will that work?

These batteries, like coin cells are designed for very low power applications, like remotes and doorbells. Its unlikely they would be able to manage a solenoid, even a puny little one like this. A holder with several AA/AAA might be more suitable. somewhere between 4 and 8 of them according to the specs.

THank you… I have ordered an 8 AA battery Holder.