24vAC Relay to any Particle cell unit?


I am looking for a relay control solenoid valve with Boron,
I can use it at home lawn water system or farm system.
Any one have a recommendation? Thank you.


One way to do it is by using a solid-state relays (SSR). Normally the SSR's input voltage range is between 3V and 30V DC so you can even use a direct connection between a GPIO on your Boron. You also have the benefit of the extended output range in DC and in AC with high load currents and the response time is faster than using contact relays. Also, I recommend using optoisolators for extra security.


Any specific parts? Thank you.

My solenoid valve is like this.

I am totally a newbie.

Is any 5vDC to 24VAC SSR works? or need some special requirements?
How about this?
2 Channel DC 5V Relay Switch Board Module, for Arduino Rberry Pi PIC ARM

Anyone recognize this board under Boron?

Anyone can can tell me if this work with Boron?
Four Channel Relay Module DC 5V + Optocoupler For Arduino PIC ARM AVR DSP W

Yes, that module also works but note that those relays are not SSR.

There are SSR modules like this

And separate units like this

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Awesome. I will make sure it is SSR.

My specific case is, main pump start, with any zone open first. Then select a zone to operate. I try to find the parts needed.

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