Help with Boron ouptut

I am trying to use a relay to turn on and off a space heater for a prototype for school. The relay switch flips and runs with no problem when connected to the VCC but when I connect it to one of the pins (A1 in this instance) the pin doesn’t activate the relay. any solutions?

Double post. Already answered your question here: below:

Photon Output Voltage Level

Do you know the output for the Boron, I am having trouble activating a relay switch. It is rated for 5 volts and works from the vcc which is supplying 3.3 volts. Any ideas for solutions?

What is the current requirement of the relay? The Boron (Gen 3) supplies 3.3v on the GPIO pins just like the Photon (Gen 2) but the max current supplied or sinked is much less than the Photon. Gen 3 current rating is something like 14mA where the Gen 2 devices were specified at 20mA but could probably do as much as 25mA looking at the processor datasheet. In general, you should probably use a level shifting chip to source the correct voltage and current the relay requires.

@Frondy, can you provide details on your relay switch? As @ninjatill suggests, you may need a level shifter or driver to connect to the relay. Depending on your device, I may suggest a simple transistor circuit.

@peekay123 it is the 5-volt relay for Arduino. It is not connected to the board and my wires are soldered straight to the pins of the relay. Sorry for being vague but I’m having trouble finding the spec sheet for the relay module itself without the board.

@Frondy can you post a picture of your setup?

@peekay123 not currently I’m in another class right now

@Frondy, I can’t really help you until I understand what you have. You will most likely need a transistor to drive the relay.

@peekay123 Thanks for the help sorry for all the confusion, I’m in high school and time is not something I have a lot of so I will be able to get pictures to you this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Once again thank you for the help and your patience.


I am unable to find a transistor that is rated for 3.3 volts, any help?

@Frondy, can you provide more information on the relay you are using. As I asked before, can you please post a picture of your setup.

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this search has few options for you.
my favorite? this one

EDIT: and if you need more than one, there is the Particle’s shield!