Connecting a Boron to a Sparkfun Bi-Directional Logic Level Converter

Hello everyone,
I would like to use a 3G Boron in order to control an SSD relay like this.
Since the relay only takes 5V as an input, I realise that the Boron needs a Logic Level Shifter and I would like to use this from Sparkfun (mainly because I have two at the studio).
I saw on other posts that an Argos can be connected to a similar Level Shifter from Polulu and from Adafruit and was wondering if anyone has tried to do the same with the Boron and the one from Sparkfun.
Thanks a lot for your help!
Best wishes

@faeve, welcome to the community! Normally, I would say you simply need a level converter since it is a unidirectional signal. However, using the Sparkfun board you have on-hand will work fine and will provide the two channels you need. This board works regardsless of any device type like a Boron or Photon. Just be sure to connect all the GND pins together (DC- on the relay board) to form a common ground. You can power the relay board and the level shifter HV input using the Vusb of the Boron. The LV input of the Level Shifter can be powered from the 3.3v output of the Boron.

Thank you so much for the very detailed and kind explanation!
So, if I am correct, the Boron would connect to the SSD Relay through the Level Shifter as in this Fritzing Diagram?

Would I also be able to power a DHT22 Temperature sensor that takes 3v as input, such as this one?

@faeve, that look good!

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That’s great, thanks!