12v Logic level converter

Does someone know if there are any I/O 12v logic level converters for 5v. Why I’m asking is that I need to control 12v servo with my Spark Core. Yes it’s possible to drive it via any MOSFET but when I need to read 0-12v value which is converted for spark core 0-5v? Are there any mltifunctional logic level converter (product or schematic) or it’s needed to create for INPUT and OUTPUT different converters or voltage dividers.

you can buy bi-directional logic level converters/shifters e.g.

but they’re usually for 5v/3.3v, i’d be very surprised if you ever had 12v logic.

also i believe the spark core is 3.3v logic, not 5v

HI @markopraakli

Maybe you could post a link to the servo or a datasheet? Then we could help more.

If this is the kind of servo where you control the motor (on two wires) and get access to the feedback potentiometer (on three separate wires), then your only real problem is driving the motor. Since the pot section is isolated from the high voltage and you can just use 3V3* and ground on the end terminals and an analog input pin on the wiper.

For motor driving, people seem to like the Pololu motor controllers but there are lots of options, depending the current you need to drive. A datasheet or more specs would help to figure this out.