Using Argon as a BLE scanner to get RSSI values of BLE Beacons

Dear Members,

I would like to use the Argon as a BLE scanner to scan the RSSI values of BLE beacons, then send the collected RSSI values using WiFi to a TCP client.

I have a similar project running on RedBearDuo. I can compile the code using the particle IDE for RedBearDuo but the same code doesnot compile for Argon.

My questions are:
Can the Argon be used as a BLE scanner ? If yes are there any libraries that I can use ?

I will use the external antennas for WiFi and BLE. Does it makes a lot of difference to use the external antennas instead of internal antennas ?

Any support/suggestions would be great. Thank you.

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The BT APIs are currently not exposed for user code, but that’s a top priority.


Hi @u.ahmad, I currently have two RedBear Duos and trying to use the RSSI values to filter output results. The difficulty I am having is finding a segment of code that changes the RSSI report value into a integer or decimal. In the example logger it’s just pulled back as a (report->rssi,dec) but this doesn’t seem to want to convert for me.

How have you got your’s working currently? Have you found a way to then process the RSSI response?