Use alarm clock as trigger

I would love to set my alarm on my phone as I normally do to wake me up. However, it will trigger an action on my spark which causes a light to go on (wakeup light thingy).

However, it seems like I want the impossible. I tried to use tasker without succes. I also used Llama but that doesn’t do anything either. The most perfect solution would be without the use of additional apps besides IFTTT but that won’t be possible I think. However, seeing the massive amount of channels and lacking knowledge about almost all of them, perhaps someone here could help me out :smile:

Platform is android

I haven’t messed with an Android device since 4.0 was still pretty new. Perhaps there’s another alarm clock app that can send an SMS or e-mail message to IFTTT that could be used as the trigger? However, if you’re looking at other alarm clock apps, maybe there’s one that can load a web address instead? In that case, you could call a function on the Spark directly through the cloud API instead of involving IFTTT in the middle.

In fact, it could take up to 15 minutes for the trigger to activate and turn on your light. Take a look at the very bottom of the IFTTT About page:

Polling Period
Most Personal Recipes check for new Trigger data every 15 minutes, some are even faster.

I hope that helps!

You can also use a trigger on time from IFTTT directly. In that case you don’t event need the Android phone.
But when you change your alarm clock, you also need to update IFTTT.

I think that will be one of my only options. When I have the time I will look for some other solutions :slight_smile: thanks!