Best way to have an Input Trigger an Android Notification

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering what the easiest way is to have the Core notify an android device, when an input is triggered. This input would be fairly simple just on/off or high or low (analog), for now. Maybe in the future being able to have set point for the analog input to trigger would be great but I would like to start with the basics.

Thanks for you help.

On the Core side I’d go for [Spark.publish()][1]

And in this forum you’ll find different ways to make use of your published event - just give “Search” a try.

Have you thought about using the newly available IFTTT integration?

I would also use IFTTT for that - it works quite good for such things … I haved only tried it with a PIR so far but it should really work with all kind of events …

Thanks for the input, IFTTT was the way I was thinking just wanted to make sure i was heading in the right direction. Once I get things figured out I will post back with my results.

Yeah the new IFTTT channel is awesome and a quick way if you just want to grab a notification on your device. I’ve used GCM for stuff integrated into an app, but it requires an intermediary server because Spark can’t handle HTTPS.

IFTTT with spark.publish is absolutely great! Works perfectly :smile:

Hey so i got every up and running, and i must say it is pretty sweet and simple to get thing communicating. The only thing I need to do now is learn the programming language better, so i can start making some in-depth projects, I am pretty we versed with PLC logic but this style of programming is a whole new ball game for me so far. Here is a sample of my code that I used to have simple push button trigger a notification on my android device (thought others might find this handy if they are just starting to learn as I am).

int X0 = D0;
int val = 0;

void setup ()
pinMode(X0, INPUT_PULLUP);
Spark.publish(“X0”, NULL, 0, PRIVATE);

void loop()
val = digitalRead(X0);

if (val == LOW) 


I used X0 as my variable since I am used to working with inputs/outputs of a PLC. I was getting a response time of about 20 seconds from the time the button was pushed to receiving the notification on my phone through IFTTT.