Notification from spark via Avviso

Hi All,
I’m interested in sending notifications to my iPhone using Avviso. I’m not at all sure how to go about this, but I think it should work, since it’s got arduino/processing libraries. My main issue is how to get the libraries into the core.

Any hints on where to start?



BTW, some more info:

I have prowl working on the iPhone. So the app is there, and I have API keys already. I can get notifications on it, but they are sent via email from the core and the delay is highly variable.
I’m trying to minimize any delays between triggering the notification, and receiving it on the phone. I need to have it as close to real time as possible.

I’d be open to other methods of doing this, but would prefer to do it without writing a new app for the iPhone yet.


How about a way to do this using GNTP - Growl notifications?