Has anyone used numerousapp.com?

I’ve already been successful with Ubidots and am now attempting Numerous, mainly because they support Push Notifications natively on their iOS app for specific events.

The API is here: http://docs.numerous.apiary.io

Unfortunately I’m not experienced enough to convert that documentation into a workable solution for the Spark Core. Has anyone done so already that could post a code/app example?

I have not but I’d love to see if you can figure it out. What are the advantages of using such a service? (I’m not exactly sure what they do)

Main use I have for Numerous is it has a free app capable of receiving push notifications based on event boundaries that you set. It can also show data in real time via iOS icon badges. I think it will work excellently if I can get my Core talking to it.

One of my projects is monitoring a sump pump alarm circuit and having any “alert” events sent to my phone is going to be a key part of it. This is actually the real-world issue that led me to discover Spark in the first place. :smile: Now I have many more ideas where it could be useful!

Not married to Numerous–it’s just the best candidate I found so far. Just today I discovered yet another data logging source at data.sparkfun.com but that doesn’t seem like it will get me further than Ubidots. I really need either push notification or SMS support, but would prefer PN as it involve carriers at all and would thus work on iPads or situations without carrier service (like overseas travel).

Hi @ssstraub

There are lots of iOS notification services possible:

  • Pushingbox.com - I have used this with gmail to get notifications
  • Prowl - an iOS app with and API that would allow the core to send notifications
  • IFTTT - There’s a beta going on right and iOS notifications do work, but I had some delays. Better was using IFTTT to send email as a VIP to get a timely notification. Search the forum for how to join the beta.

I am sure there are a lot more if you look around.

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Thanks! These all look like worthy options to consider.

I only took a brief glance so far, but pushingbox doesn’t seem to have an iOS app yet though they claim to support push notifications. Hmm…

Email as VIP is also a good option to try. Also does not require a carrier like SMS would, but likely a slower reaction than PN as I’m not currently using push-based email.