Can the Core send feedback via SMS?

I just received my Core and am curious if it is possible to use a service such as Twillo to receive text message about triggered events. Does anybody have any experience with this?

Hello @danlee6992

There is an interesting project :
that uses Twilio + SMS to send commands to the Core to open up a door.

Thanks for sharing that. I am looking more for feedback being sent from the core via twillo. I will do some experimenting, but was hoping someone could tell me if its possible to do this all within the core.

@danlee6992 did you happen to look at this by any chance? (i asked similar question here ). Using TCPClient to connect to Twilio API seems to be the way to go but unfortunately i dont have much (read any) experience in this area so if anyone has any hints where to start would be super useful .

I use for iOS push messages.

Arduino: by Mike Colagrosso (wrapper of jProwlAPI)

or your use the prowlmail-Gateway, see

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thanks @frido - having a quick read through those look like a great place to start.

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Thanks for sharing this! I’m excited to give this a try later.

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Hi Frido,
Do you have working code to send a prowl notification using avvisoapp? I’m not quite understanding how to pull it off. I have working code that uses the prowl mail method, but I’m trying to shorten the time from send to receiving the notification. Seems like when I use Prowler to send a notification, it’s quicker than the email.

I only sent notifications to prowl via email… Sorry.

I’ll set to work trying to do it via a post method. High hopes it works a little quicker.

Were trying to get Google Scripts to send emails and text based on triggered events over in this thread if you want to join in. I want to get the email and text function working also.

Thanks, I’ll check that out.