Method to get notification to IOS from Argon, over LAN (internet intermittent or non-existent)

Hi Guys,

Some of you will recognize this question, it’s a relative of one I’ve been working on for years!

I’m trying to get a notification into an iPhone via local network - a mesh particle device (or non-mesh, really) decides it needs to notify me, and does so, without access to the particle cloud, APNS, or 3rd party cloud systems.

I’m trying to start over with this concept, maybe it’s using an MQTT broker hosted locally on a Raspberry Pi? Or a way to send (and receive) a UDP or TCP message on my phone in close to realtime. Local particle cloud?

Assumptions are a working wifi network, current iPhone, and Particle device of some sort. Happy to put a Ras Pi in the equation if necessary. I have the ability, though limited, to make my own IOS app, and have successfully connected an app I’ve made to receive Particle data before(but want to cut out the cloud side of things).

Does anyone have a working example of a local notification system from Particle device to IOS?

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I don’t think Apple allows any native notifications that doesn’t go through its systems. With that in mind, I don’t think it’s possible to push notifications locally, though I’d be happy to be proven otherwise.

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I remember back when that they allowed keeping open a socket for VOIP apps, and could use that feature if it’s still live. This won’t ever make it to the app store, so I think it’s possible to mark the app as using VOIP services and still communicate from the background. But I’m not really sure. I could even build in an actual VOIP function if needed.

I end up with functioning internet 90% of the time in this usage, but I need to coe up with a way to get the notification when the internet connection is down. It invariably gets called when unreachable!

I suppose that just getting the communication to work with the internet down, even without the notifications, would be a good step. This would entail passing a little bit of data every 5 seconds or so as the data changed, while using an open app.

How about a way to get data from one particle device to another via wifi, without cloud?
I’m considering adding another device into the picture, for notification, another Argon with a buzzer, RGB LED, and counter.

Without using mesh? This was requested as a feature recently. Personally I’d love to see it. Maybe in the future.

Over wifi you can use local UPD/TCP connections, or set up a webserver/client, or… Browse the forum for alternative methods :wink:

Curious if this has been worked out. I’m building a sailboat monitor for MIT’s bluewater program and I’d love if there were a well-documented solution in the Particle ecosystem.

i’m pretty sure ups and fedex use bluetooth scanners still. they started to develop the bluetooth lan in 1999. considering all mesh devices and the iphone have bluetooth, if feasible, a bluetooth lan would give each device, if the API’s of particle/iphone allow it, the ability to contact any other.

I’ve ended up making a UDP solution with a second Particle device for notification in addition to using an IOS device. Not very elegant, but effective. I’m still using an IOS device as a notification device, but it is still notified via the cloud, which means that it’s not as reliable as a LAN solution. That means I mainly get notified by IOS, but if the internet connectivity is interrupted, the second particle device is still notified. That’s a PIA, but the only thing that I’ve been able to come up with that gives me 100% notification reliability.