(MESH) Local Particle Cloud / Read&Send Data with no Internet

Is it possible to build a Mesh network(s) where the Wifi Getaways are connected to a local (free) Server instance of the Particle Cloud ?

In other words, I wanna be able to read and send data to endpoints/repeaters to do stuff from a local computer connected to the LAN. I just wanna make a mesh network that doesnt depend on internet to communicate with a local server.

| Wifi Router (may or may not have internet)
| — > Particle Gateway(s) --> repeaters -> endpoints
| — > PC (running the server to which the particle devices connect)
| ----> Other PCs/Smartphones/etc that communicate to the server to control/read data from the particle devices

Is this possible ?
I noticed this project: https://github.com/particle-iot/spark-server
but hasn’t been updated since 2015, is it reliable ?

PS. I wanna do a light show with wirelessly controlled LEDs. (~100+ particle devices)

You can opt-out of a cloud connection if you so desire. Then, you can use local communication like UDP/TCP to communicate with devices on your local network.
There are several topics on the forums discussing the former.

It is not currently possible to set up a mesh network without an Internet connection. However it is possible to set it up using, for example, a cellular hot spot, then disconnect it and have it run isolated to connected only to local computer using TCP or UDP (from the gateway) or UDP (from individual mesh nodes).

The SparkServer local cloud server only supports the Photon, P1, and Core and cannot be used with the Electron, E Series, or 3rd-generation devices (Argon, Boron, Xenon).

I see, but I would lose all the fancy Particle Cloud Server methods like REST API, SSE and stuff right ? I would be dealing with raw TCP/UDP connections and I’ll have to write my own libraries just for communicating and parsing data.

Communication between Particle devices could still use Mesh.publish/subscribe, but you’d lose out on the cloud functions. Then again, the cloud is what’s paying for everything, so I can imagine they’d need to charge something for it. If you’re trying to get around that, then you might have to compromise.