Access particle cloud functions over local host without local cloud, possible?

So Photon already supports SoftAP through which I can have my devices connect to the photon over wifi sans Internet. I don’t want to setup/dedicate a device to run SparkCloud.

I would like to access the functions on the photon via the same transport and not go through Internet. Is that possible?


I would like to know the answer to this question also!

“access cloud functions, without a cloud”. Ever tried riding a car without a car?

What you’re basically asking is:

  • if you can control your Photon over the local network (Wifi, but no internet)? yes, that’s possible through use of things like TCP/UDP.
  • if you can connect directly to the photon without a router in between and control stuff? Though it may be a feature for the future, it’s not currently implemented.

Both these questions have been answered before, and can be found when/if using the search functionality of the forums. You might want to give that a try next time :wink: That said, should you have further questions, feel free to ask them.

@Moors7 thanks for the response, yes both of those are my scenarios, where #b seems more towards what i wanted i did look in the forums for #a but i didn’t find anything conclusive. These are ones i found closest to my query but none of them explain if i can call a cloud function

Is that a thing or i will need to put a custom firmware?

You would need to clarify what you mean with “cloud function”.
If you want to use Particle.function() or such, the no for the reasons @Moors7 has given - no driving car without car :wink:
If you mean anything else on the internet, then it’s not what we understand when talking “cloud” but it depends on your desired target.

I think I understand what you mean… I don’t see this as driving car / no car. I see it as a shortest path / latency minimization problem. Haha - don’t use the car if you’re going to your neighbours.

We’re working on the following:

A JS library & C++ module that together allow us to call a cloud function on a Photon in a way that simultaneously tries over the Internet (via Particle cloud) and over the LAN (using a minimal HTTP server on the Photon). Which ever call the Photon receives first will trigger the function and return. The one received second is ignored.

The motivation is making the interaction between our device and app more responsive, and we’re finding that 95% of the time the user is on the same network as the device.

I’m looping in @mdma & @nexxy to know if this is already under works… it would seem like something that might be worth integrating into ParticleJS.