Upgrade now by running: npm install -g particle-cli

When I try to complie, I get this error message saying

"Processing /workspace/test.ino
particle-cli v1.19.4

! A newer version (1.21.0) of particle-cli is available.
! Upgrade now by running: npm install -g particle-cli"

I did upgrade using Node, but still when I try to compile, I keep getting this…
any help please?

Thank you

Could it be that you’ve got two installations of the CLI (the windows installer one and a manual one)? If so, removing both and installing one should help alleviate that.

Thank you for replying, I will try that now…

I’m getting this same error. I am using the web IDE in Chrome on MacOS 10.12.4 (Sierra). Is the Chrome IDE using my local environment? (that would surprise me because that is presumably the benefit of the web IDE - no need to maintain a local environment).

Locally I already have particle-cli v1.21.0 so it seems the problem is in the environment the web IDE is using (where is that?).

Thanks for any insight - I see the response above but I am not sure how to “remove” the particle-cli associated with the web IDE.


This is a bug I pointed out to Particle a few days back - they still have an old version on one of their build servers :joy:

But actually that should not affect your build. If you see other errors they must come from somewhere else.
Could you post the full error output?

Hello and sorry for the delayed response (after your very nice quick reply!). I must have been mistaken, as the errors went away. Thanks again.