Upgrade from OS 1.5.2 to 3.0 on E0

I have been away for three weeks and returned to find that the OS is now at 3.0 for the E0 and other devices. I assume that I should upgrade to keep current. Also, the workbench is updated.

When I compiled my code, which compiled before without any errors, now I am getting errors.

This post is a question: What all do I need to do to upgrade everything to the new OS? I see that the target in the visual studio left sidebar is still 1.5.2. The firmware is still listed as 1.5.2 in the console under my latest build. Will I have to change that too? In other words, as an inexperienced programmer, please let me know all the things I need to change.


In that case it would be good to also post which error messages you see :wink:

You would only need to set the new target for your application firmware and then flash that. The rest should be automatic.
Once you flash an application targeted at a device OS version higher than installed on the device the bootloader will detect the mismatch and initiate an automatic update of the required modules. This will result in multiple reboots of the system till all modules are downloaded and installed. During this period (~10 minutes) you should leave the device alone to avoid breaking the process.

If anything goes wrong during that process you can always download and flash the device OS modules manually.

Thank you, ScruffR,

To set a new target, I should only have to create a new directory. Right?

Hi Tom,

I would also recommend taking a look at Device OS | Tutorials | Particle.

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Thank you, Lance and ScruffR. I think it is working. After fixing an issue that the previous compiler didn’t call an error, I was able to compile and flash with OS 3.0


Hi Tom,

Thanks for the update, this is great news and congratulations on the success of coming over to 3.0!