Updating Libraries Available in the WebIDE

Can we get the Adafruit_MAX31865_library (1.0.0) Updated to 1.0.1 there was a bug fix a year ago that I’m running into as the provided library is outdated.
See below for additional details.


If there is any way to work around this in the short term I would appreciate the help.


Normally you’d have best chances for an update by filing an issue with the library repo directly.
Libraries are contributed by community members (not necessarily being very active in the forum) and hence won’t see your post.

Unfortunately the library you are refering to has not GitHub repository link.
So for the short term you could just copy the library files into your own project and apply the alterations yourself.

In the long run someone may take ownership of this “abandoned” library to keep it up to date. The Elites have been proposing for an easy way to tag an “anonymous” contributor and/or (re)claim ownership of abandoned/stale libraries, but no definitive solution has been found yet :pensive:

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