Unresponsive E-Series

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Hi all,

I have an E-Series R410M module that has been working perfectly fine until couple days ago when it turned off all of a sudden. Our team believes that the module is dead, but want to ensure we are taking the appropriate steps before determining the status of the device.

The device has been unresponsive with no led indication. We are unable to get the device into DFU mode, safe mode, or any other mode in order to communicate to it.

We have visually checked the board for any damaged components which appears to not have any as well as checking the voltage going into VIN which is being held at a steady 5V (thus no short). We disconnected all the exterior components to the device and verified that they are working properly and we are still unable to communicate with the board.

What are the possible next steps to determine what happened to the module as well as if the module is dead/fried or in another state.



Upon further testing, it have connected an external LED to the D7 pin on the E-Series which then dims lightly. Going through the documentation, this indicates an corrupted boot loader. Is there any other testing that can be done to verify that it is indeed a corrupted boot-loader.

What can corrupt a boot-loader after working perfectly fine out in the field with no interaction with anyone(causing ESD)?