E Series 3 Sample Modules Issues


I had purchased E Series Development Kit and 3 Sample modules. I have designed and assembled Prototype PCB using E Series modules. Upon startup I found that E Series modules are not detected over USB or the RGB Led doesn’t work either. I tested 2 out of 3 modules on my PCB and the last one stand alone itself by applying battery power 3.7 - 4.2 V on Pin 5 (LIPO) Battery Input. In both case the battery charging works, status LED blinks when no battery detected and 3.3 V on Pin 9 is available.

I thought that the sample modules comes with preloaded tinker firmware. I activated two of the modules and on power up no RGB Indication occurs also no activity/events shown in console.particle.io

Could this be bootloader issue? If so how can I program the modules for them to be able to connect to particle cloud.

I am going through the steps to reprogram bootloader (https://docs.particle.io/faq/particle-tools/jtag/core/#using-st-link-for-windows) but before I do that I want to make sure if anyone on the community has used the sample modules and came across something similar.

Thank You.

Check this out:

Thank You RWB.

Upon further checking I saw that the D7 was low, which prompted me to check the schematics. It turns out that I have Solder bridge connecting 3.3 V to VDDA & VBAT which is open by default. After connecting 3.3V to VDDA & VBAT its working now.