E series not turning ON when connected to laptop

i bought a E series and was using it fine for a solar data logger application. After a day of not using it, when i plugged it into the laptop USB, It didn’t turn on. I have connected the antenna and the battery when turning it on. The Status LED wont turn on and the e series is not detected by the laptop. When connecting to the usb without battery, the charging red light blinks. Other than that, no response from the device

Have you got an LED connected to D7?
If not, you might not notice bit what you describe sounds like the Dim Blue D7 issue.

I connected an LED and checked, you are right, its that Dim Blue issue. :cry: I don’t have a another particle device to use that method or a programmer shield to work with. Is there any other way? and thank you so much for the response! :slight_smile:

I think it’s best to file a support ticket

okay, i already did it. Thanks for your help. Also, read so many post of yours in this community forum. They were awesome! Thank you again! ^^

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Just wanted to know, what causes this problem? like, I didn’t deplete the battery. i was wondering what might be the cause

The fundamental problem is some bug in the STM32F2 silicon but under what circumstances this hardware bug causes this issue isn’t yet fully understood, although having poor supply (i.e. undervoltage, near empty LiPo, …) is known to increase the risk of it happening.