Electron don't start up

now it’s look like my Electron died.
If I connect the Electron via USB just the red Battery LED is blinking fast (no battery is coneccted) and the blue LED is on but very dark. I have 2.4V on the PIN D7,
It’s now not possible to reset the Electron with the reset button (no function).
It’s now my secound Electron that show this strange Error.
I didn’t change something in my circuit and this morning it worked fine.
Is it possible to fix this Problem or do I have know a secound dead Electron?
I find it strange that the Electron can died so fast.


This sounds like the Dim D7 issue often caused by “brownout conditions”

great it’s look like I’ve the same problem like in the tread Dim D7 LED and no other lights.
I am also not able to get into the DFU Mode. I’m really not happy that I have know a secound 60$ device for the trash bin. It is now so that I get a clone like Arduino for 3$ by aliexpress.
for my a 60$ device should my ESD tollerant and not died by him self.


You should be able to recover the device using an SWD programmer or using another particle device with this link: https://github.com/m-mcgowan/embedded-swd

To prevent this from happening again, you should take great care to ensure the device doesn’t brown out. That may include: adding extra bulk capacitance, using a larger battery, using a power supply that can handle the current spikes better, changing your code to sleep the device when low battery is detected, etc.

The problem could have been caused by an ESD but most dim D7 issues I’ve read about is from the brown out problem. Even so, you should take extra precautions to add ESD protection to your design.

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thx for the answer,
I am not sure if I would spend money for an other particle device to repair the broken one.
On the external power supply I have a 10uF cap and that should be enought. But the Electron get in this stupid mode as I powered them over USB. So I’m not able to put more Caps in front of them. Otherwise I find the design from the Particle products is buggy if they have a browm out problem and not spent a IC to solve it.
And If my two Electrons have an ESD Problem then it’s also a buggy design from Particle. Till now I was never able to destroy an Arduino but I was Able to destroy two Electrons. I’m really not happy whit this product when I can destroy it so easy.
And if they have a brown out problem why they allow me to power the module over USB? The Sara module can use up to 2A and USB has only 0.5A. In this case earlyer or later every module get broken if no antenna is connected --> bad design.


You can file a support ticket at support.particle.io

The issue is still not fully understood but has its root cause in the STM32 controller which can in some cases erase some parts of the flash memory that holds the bootloader or other vital parts like the DCT.

great I made a ticket.
but when it’s a problem from the STM32 then particle should change to an other processor. It gan be that the end user has to pay money for this s…

so know i nade a ticket and I find the react time from the support is really slow. 8 days for the forst answer and then every 24 till 48 hour a react time for a e mail. I’m really impreddes from this good service.
Maybe someone in the communuty can help my. I have a ST Link V2 but I can’t connect to this bloody electron. I get allways the response:
0:47:10 : Can not connect to target!

              Please select "Connect Under Reset" mode from Target->Settings menu and try again.

              If you're trying to connect to a low frequency application , please select a lower SWD Frequency mode from Target->Settings menu.

20:47:11 : No target connected

I tried it with SWD and JTAG. Has someone an Idea wdat could be in the settings wrong? I Used the Manual from the Particle docs.

Or are my Electrons ready for the bin?


Hi isnagut,

My apologies on the support delay. Support has been experiencing a high volume as of late.

In regards to your issue, I discourage that you discard your device, as it is certainly recoverable.

I am not seeing any support tickets under your forum email. Would you be able to provide me with your ticket ID here so that I can take a look at it on my end?

For devices that fall into this state, we ask that you review your power sources to ensure sufficient voltage is being applied so that this does not occur with future Particle devices.

For this instance, once you provide me with your ticket ID, I can certainly see about sending a replacement out your way. :slightly_smiling_face:

your ticket ID is 77586.