Electron Not rebooting - No RGB LED

I have an Electron that has been working fine for several weeks until now.

I can’t seem to reboot the device at all. Here are things already tried:

  • Press Reset Button
  • Disconnect both USB and Battery Power.
  • Checked antenna connection
  • Re-seated SIM card.

All of these produce the same result - The RGB LED no longer illuminates at all.
There is a tiny blue LED that is dimly lit next to the Reset button near D7.

Is my Electron board dead?


Hmm, dim D7 sounds like these


searching the forum before posting is always appreciated :wink:

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Just read a few with similar issue, but did NOT see a resolution.

Is this now a bad Electron? Do I exchange for a new one?

If you have another Particle device you can use this

or you need a JTAG/SWD programmer.

I just have the one Electron… And I don’t have a JTAG programmer.

How about replacing the one I have?

For that you’d need to open a support ticket

Was the Electron connected to a battery that went dead?

What was your setup and situation?

Appeared to go dead over the long weekend. It was connected to USB-powered hub and battery connected. We had bad storms over the weekend and possible power loss. That may have caused the issue.

Is there a lithium battery protection circuit?

There is something with the Electron Design that sometimes causes the Electron to Die and only show the dim blue LED of death if the battery is allowed to drain completely.

The battery draining completely should not kill an Electron in my opinion but it happens to some for some unknown reason.

The only way I know to stop it is to run code that puts the Electron into deep sleep mode while the battery SOC level drops below a certain preset level and then resumes normal operation when the battery is recharged via USB, or any voltage input like solar, up past the preset SOC level.

Personally, I chose 20% SOC as the point where I put the Electron to sleep and then wake up every hour to see if the battery has charged above 20% SOC. I can do this for a week or 2 before the battery goes completely dead.

I would file an issue with support and see what they say. They may want to see and test your Electron since they are looking for what causes this to happen.

I have already sent a request to the Support Team for a replacement Electron.

If needed I can send my original back.

The Electron board should have a battery cutoff for Lithium batteries. For a single cell it should be 3.1v. If the battery is left to drain completely it becomes dead and cannot be recharged.

The battery has a Protection Circuit built in that does cut off the output from the battery when the voltage gets low enough. Not sure exactly what the cut-off voltage is but I guess I could try and check.

The battery protection board is attached to the battery. It protects from short circuit conditions also.

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