Unowned device - how to own it?

I have a boron device in the field that is show up as “unowned” in the portal. It is definitely my device and it belongs in the product where it is listed. I have no idea how it got into this state and wanted to find out how I can assign ownership without having the actual device in hand?

The easiest way is to use the Particle CLI. When logged into the account that you want to claim the device to:

particle device add <deviceid>

Either the device needs to be online and breathing cyan when you do this (it can be in a remote location), or the logged in account must be a team member of the product (then you can do it while offline).

Incidentally, you don’t need to claim product devices in many cases, and doing so can simply the device onboarding process.

Thanks! That worked. Ownership now established. It already was able to connect every 24 hours (check in). That was working I guess since I had “allowed” it into the designated Product.

Hey @sensorcheck, for some context, a device can be owned (claimed) by a user, a product, or both. User-only claimed devices exist only in your Sandbox, while Product or user + Product owned devices live within a Product.

Generally, I recommend ownership by a Product only, as it is standard practice once working at scale (typically when you are on a Growth or Enterprise plan). Additionally, you do not gain functionality by having your device claimed by a user.

I acknowledge the permutations of claiming options are likely confusing — it is something we are exploring changing about the platform in the future in order to make it clear what the best practice is.

Here’s some more detail on the difference between claiming for your reference: How does remotely claiming work, from a technical standpoint? - #2 by rickkas7

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