Unknown blink sequence when plugged in

Hi all, just getting started with an Argon and I get a two rapid blue and one whitish or cyan can’t make out it’s really fast and I’m color blind… But its definitely not continuous blue which is needed to pair the Argon to the app.
The app does scan sticker but fails to pair stating failed to connect to your mesh device please try again and keeps failing

Did the dfu mode setups for argon and got to Step 8 where I can run particle update but can’t do the second command because it goes out of dfu mode and goes back to original issue. As it suggests to bring it back to dfu mode, then it says " I was unable to detect any devices in DFU mode …"

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks

HI @pravin


This sounds like a DFU error. Please go through the below checklist. If after which, you are still facing issues, please log a ticket at support.particle.io and we will be more than happy to assist.

Thank you for logging this issue. I hear that your device is having issues with regards to entering DFU Mode.

A writeup on DFU: Status LED and Device Modes - Boron | Tutorials | Particle If you wish to program your device with a custom firmware or update DeviceOS via USB, you’ll need to use this mode. This mode triggers the on-board bootloader that accepts firmware binary files via dfu-util.

If you are still not able to get into DFU mode, please try these alternative methods:

  1. Use particle usb dfu at CLI, Command Line Interface (CLI) | Reference | Particle

  2. Change USB ports and cables. Some users have reported issues with dfu-util on a USB3 ports (typically the blue ones). Use a USB2 port if the USB3 port doesn’t work. Please check your USB cable that it is not faulty and that it should be a data cable.

  3. Open a Serial connection with a Serial Terminal Emulator (like CoolTerm (Mac) or PuTTY (Windows), setting the baud rate of said connection to 14400 and pressing connect. This magic baud rate kicks the device into DFU mode: GitHub - rickkas7/serial_tutorial: Particle Photon and Electron serial tutorial

  4. If you get an error that reads LIBUSB_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED, check to make sure you have the most recent drivers installed (Windows only): http://binaries.particle.io/cli/installer/windows/ParticleDriversSetup.exe A quick workaround for this is to connect your device to a different computer.

We have a very comprehensive (and technical) guide to DFU: https://support.particle.io/hc/en-us/articles/360039251394/

If the above does not work, please run the below commands and reply with the output.

dfu-util --list

particle cli --version

We understand that troubleshooting DFU Mode can be time consuming. We appreciate your time and understanding on this.

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