Unknown blink pattern. What does this indicate?


You can take this sketch to see what color code happens when


uint32_t state = 0;

void setup() {
  state = 1;

void loop() {
    if (state == 1 && millis() > 30000) {

    if (state == 2 && millis() > 60000) {
    if (state == 3 && millis() > 90000) {

You will see that after WiFi.on() but before WiFi.connect() there’ll be breathing blue.
This is when the WiFi module is powered up, but has not yet attempted to connect to any network and hence has no IP address.
A valid IP address is available when WiFi.ready() == true which is indicated by breathing green.


I did try this.

WiFi.on() - breathing blue
WiFi.connect() - breathing green
Particle.connect() - breathing cyan

So breathing blue indicates that the WiFi module is on! Thanks for this.


@dheerajdake, cyan and blue are not the same, especially when trying to get help on this forum. It is really important to use the same terms and colors as described in the documentation. Breathing “blue”, as you call it, is really breathing cyan and the breathing indicates that it is connected to the Particle Cloud, and indirectly, that WiFi is also connected.


Yes I do understand that cyan and blue are different. I tried the above code and commented my observations. I see that WiFi.on() kept the photon in breathing blue(not cyan).

From my observations,
Breathing blue indicates that WiFi is on and breathing cyan indicates that particle is connected to particle cloud.


@dheerajdake, I wonder if there is a problem with the RGB LED on your Photon. The correct color for WiFi connected is breathing GREEN!


This is what I did. I ran @ScruffR code. As he said,

WiFi.on() kept the photon in breathing blue (not cyan). In the firmware it is mentioned as network on, which means the WiFi chip is on I believe.

WiFi.connect() kept the photon in breathing green. This means that the particle is connected to the WiFi network. It got a valid IP address. But it is not connected to particle cloud at this point.

Particle.Connect() kept the photon in breathing cyan. This means that the particle is connected to Particle Cloud, which is indirectly WiFi connected too. But it’s not the other way around. The photon might be connected to the WiFI but not to the particle cloud. In this case it will be breathing green.