Undocumented status LED behavior: solid blue


One of my clients is experiencing a condition on his Photon that is not among the documented device modes. After bootup, his device ends up in the status LED being solid blue. There are other strange circumstances, too: it does successfully connect to the WiFi, it can even send log messages via syslog, and synchronize time with the Particle Cloud. However, the console shows it as offline.

Does anybody know what’s happening to this Photon and how can I get it connect to the cloud again?

Thanks, Szabi

That sounds like a deadlock condition between application code and system thread.
Most likely due to interrupts or “unguarded” use of shared resources.


Thanks @ScruffR! Lesson learned: don’t attempt network communication from ISRs. Use the old & dirty method with boolean flags to signal interrupt events to the main loop.