Understanding signal strength graph

We have a number of devices in our fleet which require high uptime signal strength (I’m sure this is the case for many). However, when looking at the vitals tab, the graph for signal strength and quality is inconsistent across devices. For some devices, we have up to 30 sample points, giving us a full view of the last 24 hours, whereas others only have a couple of data points, leaving us guessing for the blank space in the graph. Also, we can almost never get usable data within the last hour. Is there a setting that I’m missing, or am I misunderstanding how this data is collected and visualized?

I’ve attached some screenshots to demonstrate. Thanks in advance,

Hi @amicallef ,

I speculate that the device might not be transmitting then. You can try retrieving signal and device vitals using the API. Let me know if this is helpful: Cloud API | Reference Documentation | Particle