Boron - Many connection and cloud disconnects

hi all,

one of my devices is disconnecting and trying to connect quite often. I downloaded the history vitals, and it shows over 600 network and cloud disconnects.

Can you please shed some light on what might be the issue and the reason why this is happening? I have the same code in 4 different devices, all of them with 0 - 1 disconnect on each check. This device is located in an urban area in California, but in a basement, with an external antenna connected to it.

I don’t know exactly how to interpret the signal strength and quality, so I’d appreciate it if anyone could also share some knowledge on how they can play a role on the issue. it usually has a strength from 20 - 35%.

additionally, how is the number on connection/cloud attempts calculated? is it an accumulation through time, or does it reset after every check (timestamp)?

I’m attaching an image of the CSV with the last 3 columns. for your reference.



Hi @romuloescamilla

At a glance, I see that the cellular signal strength is at 30%, this is not optimal. The signal quality is low at less than 18%.

You can read about device vitals and signal strength here: Device Vitals | Tutorials | Particle

I believe this is the real cause.

Devices with connectivity issues may experience frequent, abrupt disconnects - sometimes in the middle of the handshake process. In certain edge cases, this can lead to noticeably higher-than-expected data consumption.

To improve the signal, you can use a cellular booster. We have seen users deploying successfully at the San Francisco bay. You did mention you are using another antenna, you can try out a high gain antenna listed in the above page.

You can use these functions for deeper troubleshooting: Device OS API | Reference Documentation | Particle

If you like us to dive deeper, you can log a ticket at .

Feel free to attach Cloud Debug logs for these devices: Cloud Debug | Tools | Particle


thanks for your answer @particle7888 . I’ll take a look at the antennas proposed on the link you provided.

I do have one more question… all these disconnects and attempts, do they consume cellular data? are they charged against my monthly quota? I’m talking about MB in cellular data, not particle data operations.

if they are using cellular data, then I’ll try to do some major control of the attempts by using the functions on the Reference documentation you mentioned too.



Yes the repeated disconnections will bump up the cellular data.
You can read the section titled “Device disconnecting intermittently with high data consumption” here:

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