Unclaim mesh device does not remove mesh from account

ive setup a couple of devices on one account with one mesh for them. I then unclaimed them and claimed then on a different account. Now these devices are still meshed but the billing is associated with the first account.

Is this a bug with the particle servers?


You have absolutely no device assigned to the “old” mesh and it still shows up (with Total device count 0)?
Can you post screenshot of console.particle.io/networks/[yourMeshName]?

Claiming is separate from mesh network membership. Until you add the devices to a different mesh network, the network will continue to exist on the old account.

Claiming only affects what user is the owner of the devices, can OTA flash it, make function calls, etc… It can be different than the mesh network owner if you manually unclaim and claim. The mobile apps generally force the network owner and device owner to be the same, but it’s not actually required by the devices.

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You seem to have found an oversight in network management :wink:
Obviously a device that is not claimed to your account won’t show up in your console but since we don’t have a simple way for a mesh device to leave a mesh network without joining another you apprently can’t just move a device to another account without leaving traces.

As it seems to close/remove a mesh network all clients need to leave the network, but unclaiming the device only makes them vanish from your account without the the extra steps needed.

I potentially understand the need to have a separate mesh network from device ownership, but only really if the gateway could support more than one mesh.
Say in a close community where the gateway is run by a supplier and they sell monitors or something that is claimed by a tenant that then connects to the mesh service supplied by the supplier.
However, as mesh is only really short ranged and only really useful for one network of one owner, I personally would say that a mesh network should belong to the device owner. Certainly the owner of the gateway device, in any case, and when transferring ownership, it should transfer everything?
But then there could be a scenario where you sell a product that uses mesh, and supply a subscription to the mesh that you still own.

Mmmh Tricky. Maybe what is needed is the option to transfer or not, the mesh at the same time when unclaiming. For me Provisioning a device with mesh has now got a little more complicated as we plan in claiming a device and mesh for pre-provisioning and testing then unclaiming and selling the unit.

Food for thought.


Issue with vanishing but not removing is that potentially someone will run out of their free 10 networks very quickly.

Something like that should be addressed with product devices