Unclaiming Customer Devices -- FINALLY HERE!

Hey all –

Some exciting news for product creators to share. You can finally unclaim customer devices without involvement from Particle! And better yet, no need to do it via a messy cURL request, you can do it right from your Device Management dashboard.

To unclaim a device, visit your product’s devices page at https://dashboard.particle.io/[org-slug]/[product-slug]/devices, and click on any device to expose the “Unclaim Device” link:

This will pop open a modal that will allow you to unclaim the device from the owner. Unclaiming will now unclaim the device regardless of if it is owned by a user or a customer.

Want to hit our API directly? We now have 2 dedicated endpoints to unclaiming devices:

  • DELETE /v1/devices/:deviceID: Developer endpoint for unclaiming a device (Docs)
  • DELETE /v1/orgs/:orgSlug/devices/:deviceID: Organization endpoint for unclaiming a device (Docs)

Both endpoints now support unclaiming for both users and customers.

Give it a try and let us know what you think! Go fourth and build great things!



Ok, looks like great news !

But after some tests:
I have two photons, I tried a lot with them earlier, but was definitely able to claim them as an organization customer from my web app (JS).
Then you unclaimed them manually, and here I am:

I was able to claim one of them, then unclaim it using a dashboard (looks like success), then claim again, but this time, it did not appear on the dashboard as it previously did, so… I’m dissapointed there.

With the second photon, I’t can’t be related with new unclaim functionality - I’m not able to send claim code to it, I get
Object {r: -1}
after I successfully download public key.
It also doesn’t accept wifi credentials, and it doesn’t reboot after configure and connect commands.
What is interesting, I’m able to configure it with standard android particle app. Of course I’m unclaiming it with the same app before tests.
Don’t know what else can I do with it.

@kefir135 I’d encourage you to write into support for device-specific issues.

Hi @jeiden, I will, but in the meantime, I confirmed with yet another photon, that claiming/unclaiming is a
ONE TIME ONLY functionality.
Using my JS app (and softap-browser.js) I can claim a device as an organization customer, see it at the dashboard with owner set to the user used for claiming, unclaim it with a dashboard, claim it again (at least it looks like being claimed, the same {r: o} result, but it never appears again as claimed in the dashboard - I mean, owner = none.

Can you please check out your new unclaiming functionality ?
It looks like unclaiming is, you know, TOO PERMANENT…

And of course, the MAIN reason for having this unclaim functionality is for testing, so being able to repeat claiming/unclaiming is essential…

Can anyone else confirm my findings, or prove I’m wrong by claiming/unclaiming the same device more than once ?
Of course by claiming, I mean claiming for the organization customer, not as a regular user.
My devices CAN be claimed be the standard (not organization based) user after those tests.
(which, by the way, is at least something - without this unclaiming, I couldn’t use the photon once claimed as an organization customer for anything else…)

@kefir135 can you PM me the device id and customer username you did those operations with? I’d like to look at our logs to see what is going on. Thanks!

Another question. Are you using “Unclaim Device” or “Remove Device”?

Hi @Bryce, any news ?

For those following along, this turned out to be a firmware bug with HTTP Soft AP setup: https://github.com/spark/firmware/issues/937

Hi @kefir135, I’m also facing the exactly same issue. I’m not able to claim as an organization’s customer more than once. Have you find any solution yet?

Hi, no solution yet, post above confirms it’s a bug.
But - @bryce - isn’t it strange, another user confirms he can claim as an organization’s customer only once ?
With your bug description (works only if ACK is send before second post request packet) it should be totally random, don’t you think ? Maybe this problem is worth taking a second look ?

I can try and reproduce the second customer claim issue using the TCP version of Soft AP.

Ok, so you need to claim, unclaim and try to claim again the same Photon.

I just successfully claimed a photon to a customer using TCP SoftAP, unclaimed it via the dashboard, and then claimed it to the same customer again using TCP SoftAP.

Are you trying to reuse the same claim code? A claim code only works one time.

Thanks for checking it out. I definitely used different code every time.
The only difference is HTTP SoftAP versus your TCP.

Hey @kefir135!

Just to update you – @mdma has fixed the HTTP packet issue in firmware and plans to roll it out with 0.5.0-rc2, coming very soon!

Details at: https://github.com/spark/firmware/issues/937

When it rolls out, give HTTP softAP setup another try!


Hi @jeiden, @mdma


I just have successfully claimed and unclaimed a single 0.5.0-rc2 Photon several times using HTTP softAP and an organization customer account :smile:


thanks for a quick fix !


Nice! Glad to hear it!