Unable to setup my Xenon

I tried to setup my two xenons with IOS app.

To start setup, I scanned matrix barcode with camera but app shows this error message like below

My two xenons same.

Any help?

Please do this

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All my XENON’s 20 pieces! Will not be detected by the scan !! Is it possible to enter the serial number manually? It is very annoying …

Hey there @Tscherwi - wanted to follow up to let you know that the team is aware of this issue and it is at the top of our priority list at the moment. Please expect subsequent updates.


Hi there, I had the same issue with 3 of my Xenons and just wanted to say thank you to Particle support and @rickkas7.

It took less than 60min after I opened a support ticket and I already had new QR codes in my inbox. :+1:


Rick’s barcode generator apparently has a warp drive :rocket:

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I appreciate particle support team. I have finished setup with received barcodes.
Many thanks. :slight_smile:

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