Quick question on NFC with xenon

Hey guys, i just recently got the particle kit so i am very new to this. I would like to ask a question about the particle xenon. I would like to use the particle xenon to send its serial or an identifier when scanned so that it can be tagged in the database. This doesn’t seem to difficult by looking at the nfc tutorial that the community has posted. My big problem is that if i would like to go the other way around, could i scan a tag and have the xenon read it to change variables?
For example scan a nfc tag and then the xenon runs code with a “tag” from the card it read.

@emel, welcome to the community! The Nordic nRF52840 used in the Particle Gen3 devices like the Xenon do not provide power to the NFC antenna. As such, they cannot “scan” a tag and can only “act” like a tag and get read by an external reader such as a phone.

Thank you for the warm welcome!!
I can send data from the particle, but i cannot receive any incoming data is that correct?
In my understanding the particle just writes data tags for the user to scan, is that the correct way of thinking about it?

@emel, that’s the idea. The Gen3 device acts like a tag which can be read by a device but it cannot itself read a tag.