NFC Tags on Particle 3rd gen devices

Hello, i am trying to add an NFC tag to my particle device to confirm that a scooter left its charging area? has anyone tried using NFC tags? Also has anyone used the grove NFC tag?

Is the particle on the scooter or in the charge area?

Particle Gen 3 devices (Argon, Boron, Xenon) can only be the NFC tag. They do not include an NFC tag reader built-in, though you could add one (like a PN532, connected by I2C or SPI).


There will be one argon in the station and a boron with ada feather wing gps

So one of them will need a reader as @rickkas7 says above - the other can be a tag. I would suspect you want the reader combo in the charge station as there will be less of these than scooters and it will add cost to the device - so you will detect when the boron/tag comes close or leaves.

And would the boron act as the tag or would i need to add a tag on my boron device too?

It will act as the tag - see documentation - you will need to supply an NFC antenna to connect to the Boron