Two particle photon work together


I want to build seven prototypes and each of them has a particle photon inside. Is that possible to let these seven particle photon sending data together to cloud? If it is possible, how to do that?

Thank you for your help.

Yes, it is, but about the how we’d need to ask what data you want to send where and what you want to do with it there :wink:


I want to use seven particle photon send the GSR data to cloud respectively. These seven particle photon send the same kinds of data, but send the data at different time. However, I don’t know how to do that. Should I flash the same code on each particle photon?

The requirements are still not clear. If you want the device to send data to server, you need to create webhooks regarding that. If there is no constraints like data sending order of photons and different time interval for data sending, you could use same firmware in all of them.

Since we still don't know where your data is supposed to end up and how you want to send the data (via Particle cloud, TCP, UDP, ...) we can't suggest a solution, but for the question whether you can flash the same code to all your devices, the answer is: "Yes, you can".

If you need to know who sent the data there are multiple ways to tag your data. The most common one is by adding the System.deviceID() to the data packet.