Sending data from one particle to another

Hi everyone,

I’ve been looking for a while now on how I can send data from one internet button to another.
I’ve found how you can send a variable to the particle cloud using the variables command but not how you can read that same data on another device. I’ve also seen examples with the publish & subscribe commands. I don’t know what it simplest and/or best.

Does anyone know of a example like this? Or can explain how to best make this work?

Thanks in advance,

I would recommend publish/subscribe. It is very simple and works reasonably well, as long as your devices can stay connected to wifi and the cloud.

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Thanks, do you have an example I could use to get started? How does one device send something using publish and how does one device listen for messages?

You could always try reading the docs…



One device publishes the data, while the other subscribes to the feed.


It works, thanks !