New Developer, need assistance passing serial to photon

Hello all!
I have an issue trying to learn this, as I am a bit slow in the head. :sweat_smile:

I have an arduino that is receiving some data, and I would like to pass that to the particle photon for uploading to the cloud and viewing it. I tried looking for the information in the docs but was unable to find my specific request in there. I know it has to be there as this is basic functionality. Im guessing im phrasing it wrong, or am not understanding the docs.

So my question. Is there a guide on how to both wire up the arduino to the photon (Im pretty sure I already got that nailed but just in case) and then uploading received data to particles web for viewing?

I apologize for wasting anyone’s time, but kinda got tired of trying to find something to guide me. I am a web developer learning a new trick! Thanks for any help and suggestions.