Is there a way to send sensor data from Arduino to Photon in order to get it to the cloud?

I am working with Arduino Uno, Particle Photon, and BNO055 Orientation Sensor. I am also a beginner.

@destinyw23, why not read the BNO055 directly with the Photon and skip the Uno?


Well, in the project that I am working on we are using a 3d printer and need the Arduino to control the printer. Do you think that it is possible at all?

@destinyw23, you could use serial communications between the Uno and the Photon. You would need SoftwareSerial on the Uno and the Photon already has a hardware serial port on TX/RX (Serial1).

You could also run the Uno as an I2C slave and poll it from the Photon acting as I2C master.

There are already topics dealing with this type of interaction in the forum. Do a search for “Arduino to Photon” and see what comes up! :wink:


Ooohh ok I think I have the basic communication between the Arduino and Photon down, in terms of the wiring and sending random numbers between the two. I used this tutorial:

I just don’t understand what exactly to change in the code to send the real-time sensor data to the Photon. I hope I am not confusing you.

@destinyw23, not being able to see the Arduino code, it is difficult to make any suggestions. The gist of it is that you will need to convert your data to ASCII format, most likely using sprintf() and an array of chars. Then you will need to send each character of the resulting string to the Photon which will receive collect it and convert it back to and original values. Again, I invite you to do the search I recommended as I believe this is already covered in some of the resulting topics.

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Ok thanks a lot. :smiley:

If you could explain exactly what you’re trying to do, we could make more helpful suggestions. Is it imperative that the data is read by the Arduino, or is that not required?