Live Sensor Data

Is there any way to use the Photon to send data that is being read in by an Arduino Uno from a temperature sensor and output the live temperature data to a mobile device? I already have the temperature sensor hooked up with the Arduino, I just want to be able to send the temperature data to my mobile phone using the Photon. Also, I am a beginner with both the Arduino and the Photon. Thanks

Yes, that’s possible, but might actually be more of a hassle compared to doing it directly on the Photon. What sensor are you using and what do you consider “sending things to your phone”? Have a look at the various tutorials in the Forums, docs and on Hackster. They’re very helpful!


Just hook up your temperature sensor to the photon. If you are new i suggest try using the “Blynk” app it is pretty simple to get into it and you can do some interesting things. But one step at a time:

  1. Hook up your temp sensor to photon
  2. Write code for photon using either or CLI/Atom/workbench. (if you are new stick to ( if you are using a thermistor then i suggest using the photon-thermistor library which is available in the particle library).
  3. Get your code to display it on console then try use the blynk app