Turning Nest Fan on from photon

I am looking for some help to get my proton to trigger my Nest to turn on the fan once a temperature threshold is reached. Any ideas on how to integrate my Proton with a Nest? I found some people have done it, but I haven’t found out how.



It’s “Photon”, not Proton. :wink:

I think you could use IFTTT to get the Photon talking to the Nest. See these links; they should get you started:


I can get both the Photon and the Nest to send data to different places, but I can’t find recipe to turn the nest on from Photon. I was thinking there was a web hook for Nest, but I haven’t found one.
Thanks for the help.

Hi Jonathan,

if we forget the Photon for a second, is there any recipe in IFTTT that allows you to control your Nest?

Yes, there about 20 different ones that allow to set temp, turn a fan on, etc.

ok, looking good.
What I would try would be to trigger one of those 20 recipes from the Photon as described here:

It’s been a while I do not use IFTTT, but I think it goes something like this:

1- you add a publish in your firmware running in your Photon with a publish.

Particle.publish(“nest turn on fan”, “nest turn on fan”, PRIVATE);

2- you create a recipe that will turn on your Nest fan with a trigger from that publish, as explained here

hoping that helps illustrate a bit

I could not find an Ifttt recipe that used particle as a trigger for nest. Since there isn’t a way to combined them, I am a little out of luck with IFTTT.

Any other ideas?


question: have you connected the Particle channel already?

Yes. I have a few IFTTT apps running on other particle projects I have completed.


Could a trigger like this one help here?
If published SOMETHING, then …