Any plans for Nest integration?

Google’s bought out Nest (and DropCam) and unlike certain other home automation vendors, this isn’t locked down to one platform, NDA’s to see the code, certification programs etc.

I’ve seen someone replace the Nest thermostat with a Spark Core, but i think it would be a great platform to integrate with - either to control the Nest hardware or make the Spark into a Nest device (not sure that’s possible yet?) and its probably easier to expand onto mobile devices than Tinker.

The documentation is excellent with lots of API examples already.

developer program

api reference



There were some chats today about this as a fun integration, I think it’d be cool! :slight_smile:

It has been done!

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I actually interfaced a Raspberry Pi + Arduino + DHT22 with my Nest thermostat for a few months (until the RPi crapped out–argh). It would monitor the temperature in my daughter’s bedroom during her usual nap times and turn on the house fan via the Nest API if it started getting too warm. Her room is on second floor and the southeast corner of the house, so it gets the most sun and is the warmest room in the house. It was already getting into autumn when the RPi crashed (I think a squirrel farted in the woods and caused the SD card to corrupt), so I didn’t bother trying to replace it.

I need to replace that setup with a Spark Core, but I want to build/print an enclosure to keep it neat-looking but not have the heat generated by the Core throw off the temperature sensed on the DHT22. I also need to take another stab at figuring out why I can’t get readings with the non-blocking version of the DHT22 library, but that’s for another thread. :wink:

yeah, i’m kind of hoping they’ll expand to more than just a thermostat, a single api for arduino/rpi/spark/bbb etc. home automation would be cool, although whether a more foss solution would be better i don’t know - would it get the traction that nest is getting?

Hi wgbartley,

I’m finally going to be a homeowner again and plan to install a Nest thermostat in the new house. I am interested in having additional temp sensors in the bedrooms, but the only off the shelf product I’ve seen is the Wally leak detector. I just can’t justify putting a water leak detector in a bedroom just to use the temp/humidity sensors. Then I came across your post “I actually interfaced a Raspberry Pi + Arduino + DHT22 with my Nest thermostat”! My wife bought be a RPi as a christmas stocking, and I haven’t had a chance to play with it for lack of project space, and more importantly, time. I am hoping that having some project space in the new house will allow me to spread out a project and work on it in spurts, and to that end, I was wondering if you might have some details or a build log of your integration with the Nest platform. I have a decent amount of experience with arduinos having made a few clones for embedded projects over the years, but no RPi experience, and my coding is rusty (and that is sugar coating it heavily). Any advice or pointers you could provide would be appreciated.


Depending on what you’re planning on doing, this could be really easy with IFTTT. Nest has IFTTT integration, and so does :spark: You could measure the temperature/humidity/light/whatever with your :spark: and then trigger actions on the Nest through IFTTT. You wouldn’t even need a raspberry, and the code should be really easy.
Take a look and let us know if you need any more info.

We are thinking of doing something similar in a commercial product. Would you be interested in helping out with some coding? its a bootstrapped project so money is tight but we are going to go for funding if we can build some prototypes and sell them. you can email me at

Any update on this. I would like to make a project that can get the target temp from the Newt and be able to change the set point on the nest as well. At this point I got API access just by going to I was given API access right away.

What kind of update would you like to see :open_mouth:? IFTTT works, as mentioned before, and with the API you can probably communicate directly using either the HTTPS library, or webhooks. Haven’t got a NEST, but it shouldn’t be too hard?

I want to use a Nextion display as a wall mount to display the target temp and ambient temp as well as be able to change the target temp. IFTTT would work for setting the temp but wouldn’t show the current temp of the nest

I know I came across this however I am trying to find some documentation on how to use it with the nest API again this area is new for me. Teaching myself the best I can as I go.

Any updates about the Arlo Pro security camera or Nest Cam integrations? It’s quite long since the thread was updated and it’ll be cool if anyone can update us on the news.

FYI: I can see the NEST mesh network from my Argon.