Turning Coders into Makers at JSConf 2014

I ran across this online today:


Some of those projects look very cool! It is great to see a bunch of Spark cores in the wild like that!


Thanks @bko,

It’s really well written and I love this:

By mid-morning, the teams were getting frustrated as we’d asked them to learn the Spark Core, hack a submarine motor, control a servo, and create a circuit with an h-bridge. The frustration subsided as teams started collaborating and sharing their tips and code as they progressed past each milestone.

I see the same scenario locally as well on everyone being more ‘webby’ :slight_smile:


And in case you didn’t notice, @kennethlimcp, the article was written by Ian Cole, the same gentleman who spent the day with us @ SparkCon 2014 and interviewed all of us for the Maker Story video campaign. Such a great wide Community of Makers!