Trouble Flashing Devices

I have an older Electron and Photo that I recently pulled back out the drawer and started playing with again.

I can get them both connected to the internet. From the Build site I can select them and signal them (to make the onboard LED change colors).

However whenever I try to flash new code to them I get an unable to connect.

What other tools should I try? Looking at older posts they seem to be 1-2 years old so I wasn’t sure if they are still applicable.

The Swiss Army Knife for Partice devices is CLI

Of all the commands in there

You’ll most likely want to use these to address your issue from above

particle update
particle flash --usb tinker
particle flash --usb <yourOwnProject.bin>

But you could also try Safe Mode first when OTA flashing fails due to your own running code interfering with the update.

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