Cannot Flash OTA to Electron

My electron recently stopped working properly. I can no longer flash new apps to it OTA. It connects to the cellular properly and breathes cyan. It shows up in the console log as having connected. However, when I attempt to flash, it either times out, or indicates it has successfully updated. The Electron never goes magenta as it should. The signal device function in does not work either. Ideas?

Have you got sections in your code that block cloud maintenance for a few but not more than 10sec?

Not that I know of. I will try adding that.

However, I did find that I cannot flash the firmware via the cli or the updater tool either.

You mean not even USB wired while in DFU Mode (yellow blinking)?

particle flash --usb firmware.bin

What’s the output of CLI?

I did not try a flash of the app. I tried a firmware update “particle update” CLI reported success even though the electron gave no indication that it occurred. However, the firmware manager would fail partway through indicating an error had occurred. The electron was in DFU Mode.

I see, maybe downloading the system firmware binaries and flashing them this way works better

particle flash --usb system_firmware_part1_electron_x.y.z.bin
particle flash --usb system_firmware_part2_electron_x.y.z.bin
# if you want to flash 0.6.0-rc.2
# particle flash --usb system_firmware_part3_electron_x.y.z.bin
particle flash --usb tinker

Any output produced by this will help to guess the reason for your troubles.

Thank you for the assistance. I am not sure what the issue was, but reflashing the system firmware as you described fixed the issue.

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